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Postural Alignment Therapy

These are 1-1 sessions involving what we call e-cises, specifically to help realign your body.


  This realignment allows for the physical body to function better, which is also beneficial to your emotional well-being!

What is Postural Alignment Therapy? 

Are you like me?  You have had injuries, pain and discomfort in joints or muscles in your body?

You have done everything you can to help it, but it won’t go away, or it keeps coming back? 


Don't fall into the trap of blaming "aging", and then quit your sports and all the active things you love all because of pain!  There is truly something that can be done!  


Since starting my own personalized posture exercises, I am back playing baseball, and volleyball, pain-free!!  It is a process, to reverse how our body has adapted to its' improper usage over the year.  Over use, repetitive strains, and a society where we sit more. Together we look at what is occurring in your body, and implement exercises that bring the body back to work as the functional unit, as it is designed to be! Pain is a product of the body’s lack of function during movement and not the movement itself.  

It starts at an early age, even children as young as 12 playing in repetitive sports are becoming dysfunctional in their body's. Have a look at their shoulders, are they level?  

As a postural alignment specialist certified through the Egoscue Method® I offer rehabilitation of the posture. If someone arrives in pain, we will implement the use of the Seqex (PEMF) mat at the beginning of our sessions. 

This process invites the client to tune into their own knowledge and awareness of their body.  This method is a process and not a quick fix, however, younger children's body's adapt much quicker.  We work together to gain awareness of your thought process so you can take control of your well-being and you are able to implement exercises as an on-going tune up in the future.   


We treat the body as a unit, and our focus is on posture, not the symptoms. 

We then offer the body an opportunity to heal itself.


This process is also ideal for athletes looking to excel in their sport.  When a person’s frame, bones, muscles and joints perform functionally, the person gains strength, speed & power.  This is also beneficial for people sitting at desks all day, allowing the body to re-align and function as it was intended.


Depending on the goals of the client, sessions are usually booked 1 week apart.  This type of service is not covered by most benefit plans, in my experience this usually means that clients have more of an incentive to follow through with their exercises. You are worth being active, and pain free for your entire lifetime!  

Pricing Details:


Initial Visit - $150 + HST (1.5 - 2 hours)

Returning Visits - $135 + HST (1 - 1.5 hours) 

Packages are recommended, as this is a process and financial investment in yourself, and gives you the incentive to follow through.   Packages include the initial visit and do not expire. 


4 package - $500 ($125/session) 


8 package - $920 ($115/session) 


16 package - $1600 ($100/session) - these sessions can be shared with immediate family members.  A payment plan can be determined.

Seqex & Postural Alignment:


Consider combining Postural Alignment sessions with Seqex to help the body adapt more efficiently:

3 Postural Alignment (P.A.) Sessions and 6 Seqex sessions. The course of treatment to be determined on an individual basis.


For Example:

Week 1:  P.A. Session (Seqex included) Leave with exercises to complete daily.

Week 2: 2 Seqex Sessions

Week 3:  P.A. Session (Seqex included) Leave with new exercises to complete daily.

Week 4:  2 Seqex Sessions

Week 5:  P.A. Session (Seqex included) Leave with new exercises to complete daily. 

Week 6:  2 Seqex Sessions

Example 2:

Week 1:  P.A. Session (Seqex included) Leave with exercises.  & another Seqex appointment later in week

Week 2:  P.A. Session (& Seqex) Leave with exercises & Seqex later in week.

Week 3:  P.A. Session (& Seqex) Leave with exercises & Seqex later in week.

Week 4: 2 Seqex Sessions in the week. 

Cost:   $600

Book your first appointment below...


Posture is the number one cause of most people's pain!

How it Works...

Below are ongoing results from one of my clients, as you can see from these photos after a few sessions you can start seeing a visible difference in her posture.

For all treatments, I ask clients to come in shorts, a sports bra, or a tank top if possible.

Before Therapy Picture:

This is a client before we started.  Have a look at her posture:


  • Wide stance

  • Look at her hand length and shoulder position (the left side is higher than the right)

  • Her upper body is shifted to the right

  • Her head is rotated to look forward compensating for her upper body

  • The rotation of her head causes a head tilt

This client has torn both her ACLs and a meniscus in her right knee.  Can you see how the knees would have strain on them when you look at her posture? 

photo 3.jpg
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After the First Session Picture:

This is at the end of our first session together, here are visible wins in her body:


  • Her stance is a hip distance apart

  • Her hands and shoulders are closer to being level

  • Her body isn’t shifted to the right as significantly

  • Her head is naturally looking forward

  • Her head is closer to being level


The body is designed to be stacked:  ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.  All at 90-degree angles.  When this isn’t occurring in our body, muscles start to compensate and eventually can lead to pain, and joint deterioration.

photo 1.jpg
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After the Second Session Picture:

This photo shows the start of the 2nd session.  Between these sessions, she completed her prescribed exercises.  Note: she was able to maintain everything her body accomplished at the end of her first session: 


  • Her body was able to maintain her feet at a hip distance

  • The left shoulder & hand are still higher than the right

  • Her upper body has stayed centered

  • Her head is level


These changes are a huge win!!  Her muscles are firing and allowing the bones to line up closer to the 90-degree angles.  Woohoo!!

photo 2.jpg
How it works
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