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The Wellness Farm

My husband and I purchased this 50-acre parcel of land with a dream of one-day owning Horses. 


It is the perfect blend of the bush, and open land and we are not far from the city limits. 

At the time we didn't know how this beautiful space would help to heal ourselves and come to a place of sharing it to help others. 

We were Lead to this space...

We bought this land in 2011 and here we are 13 years later, offering a beautiful, & peaceful space for ourselves and others to continue their healing journey.  

Reflecting back on how we came to this land was truly orchestrated by a greater source.  My Husband recalls how a deer jumped out in front of him, making him stop to look at the for sale sign.  When we went to purchase the land, we had a special person in our life that made everything happen at the bank.  We didn't build on the property for a year from the time of purchase.  I even recall how I was inclined to wait another year or two, but our builder offered an incentive that was too good to pass up. It is truly amazing to look back on how we have always been supported to be here, on these 50 acres.  There truly is something special about it.   


Come and allow the land, nature, and the supportive energy from the Horses to assist you to reconnect with yourself. 

Since purchasing this property in 2011, it’s been truly amazing to see how we have transformed as a family and how 4 Horses and 2 Miniature ponies come to know this space as their home.  In the Fall of 2019, while I was on the path of reconnecting with myself, I was fortunate to take a training called Horse Wisdom Yoga, also known as Equine Assisted Learning.  This truly open my mind and allowed me to start awakening to listen to my Sprit. 

It is not easy to put into words how Horses have this amazing ability to help people, but once you have experienced it for yourself, it is an unforgettable experience!  Horses are pure, they live moment to moment, something we as humans have forgotten how to do.  We have much to learn from the Wisdom of the Horses.  They continue to teach me on a daily bases, the importance of slowing down and connecting with our own energy. 


Our lives present us with the opportunities to continue our journey of Awareness & Healing. 

I truly feel that this space here is magical, and the Horses add their non-judgmental and healing energy.  Whether it is with intention to stand and breathe with them, or just their presence that provides the setting for people to release, transform and reconnect with their core essence.  

The Farm offers a peaceful setting for people to slow down and re-connect with themselves. 

And to think this all began with a dream of owning Horses, little did we know, it would be a gift to ourselves and especially to others that will come to be with us at The Wellness Farm! 

Trust yourself enough to let go

“Trust yourself enough to let go, shift and uproot. Give yourself permission to shed whom you used to be.  You are allowed to start over and find new ways to bloom into your best self.”

- Alex Elle

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Our Vision

Hi, I'm Rona and I founded The Wellness Farm with the purpose to inspire others to come to a place of peace and understanding in their body, mind and spirit.

This inner peace can allow for Healing within. When we are connected with ourselves, we then can be role models for our friends and family. Be the change we want to see in the world!

A little about me:


I know how it feels to struggle to figure everything out.  I have a habit of keeping myself so BUSY that I started to wear it as a badge of honour.   Until recently, I didn't realize I just didn't want to slow down and FEEL.  It is work to acknowledge those emotions!  But I do know those unaddressed feelings start to create dis-ease in the body.  As someone that is health focused, I want to be able to continue learning, healing and tuning into myself.  I also want to support others who are wanting to do this work as well. 

The opportunity to be here living on the Farm, in the presence of Nature, and the Horses, has taught me to value time and look within.  I feel truly blessed to be supported on so many levels, and I am honoured that we feel pulled to share this energy and space with others to come to the Farm. 


It is a process of us all learning to let go, and trusting the process.  It is always beautiful to witness what each person receives from their experience while here at The Wellness Farm. 

Our Visionary
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Our Mission

To create a safe, open and empowering atmosphere to allow you, our client, to slow down, reconnect - empower - thrive
in your mind, body and spirit!


Allow yourself to turn inward so you can turn outward. Fill your own cup until it overflows to then help serve others.

Rediscover Yourself

Our Farm is the perfect space to let go of your fears, worries and commitments. It creates a safe place for you to be vulnerable and open so you can rediscover your intuition and what your body is trying to have you connect with for healing.

Empower Yourself

Together we will empower your 'Self' and give you resources so you will have your own way of checking in and connecting with your 'Self' after you leave the Farm.

It's time to Thrive

Our goal is for you to thrive! To truly understand what it means to live connected with one Self in body, mind & spirit.  To live your best & healthiest life! 

Our Mission
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