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Horse Guided Wellness Sessions

 Honouring the Wisdom of Horses guides the unity of Mind, Body and Spirit providing an opportunity for a deeper connection with our ‘Self’.

Working in partnership with the Horses

Offers us a chance to disengage from our minds, and allows us to develop an awareness of our body and our Spirit, aka our intuition. That deep part of our Self that we have lost touch with, our Spirit, or intuition that is our internal compass. 
Horses have a pure offering in which they are able to mirror and reflect back on what we are holding onto so we can let it go and move forward in our lives.  

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What happens in a Session:

A session is around 1.5 hours, and it begins in an indoor room where the client and Rona connect and the client is guided to move from their mind to their body and heart space. Then the client and Rona walk to the Horses' space (outside) for the Horses’ willing participation as the Teacher. If a person is not comfortable in the space of the Horses, a lot can be learned over a fence. The session ends with a form of art as therapy, which is an amazing process for the client to express what is revealed to them through their session.

The exercises are designed for children ages 8 and up. With a younger client, a consultation with the child and parent will be required to determine whether a Horse Guided Wellness Session is a fit for your child. Safety is always a priority and a child needs to be able to follow safety protocols.

Investment - $120/session

Before a Session:

  • Waiver forms are to be signed prior to starting a session. It is a great form of communication to become aware of the safety protocols & risks of working with Horses. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory (no crocs, or dock shoes).

  • Payment is to be received before the session.

  • We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. There is a lot of preparation for both the Horses and the Teacher for each session, which takes place well before the client arrives for their sessions.

  • Gift certificates are available.

Sit with animals quietly

"Sit with animals QUIETLY and they will show you their HEARTS. Sit with them KINDLY and they will help you locate YOURS!"

- Ramblings of the Claury


Meet your Teachers

Our team is amazingly unique! 

It consists of our 4 horses and 2 ponies, continue reading to learn about each one of them and how they can help you on your journey.


Leader of the Herd

This sweet mare came into our lives in November of 2013.  She had been a harness racehorse for a short time and her body wasn't holding up. Although I wasn’t ready to take on a Horse, when I met Thunder I felt a connection between the two of us and knew somehow we would make it happen!

Thunder was the horse who taught me how to ground myself.  When she came to us she was only 3 and new situations made her nervous. I had to learn the importance of managing my energy. When she would spook, I would release a big exhale and soften my body, Thunder would receive my vibe and release her stress through some big, long snorts and continue on.  She is an amazing horse and teacher!

Thunder has maintained herself as the lead mare on our Farm.  Being here the longest, as well as the largest Horse, with her personality she received the honour of being the leader of the herd.  It has been amazing to watch her receive each new Horse into her herd over the years.  She is a true leader.

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Bailey & Rodeo

Our Two Mini Ponies




Bailey and Rodeo are two ponies that came to us in the Spring of 2014.  They were together at their previous Farm where there were too many Horses so they needed a new home. 


Miss Bailey had foundered in the past, and her feet looked like little water skis, so it has been a process with our farrier to help her feet correct themselves. She is a feisty, and intelligent little one and she has taught me the importance of trust and patience in overcoming past traumas. 

Rodeo is an amazing, gentle, loving pony.  He loves to be a part of the Herd and hang with the larger Horses.  It’s like he has FOMO and is very upset if he doesn’t get time with all the Horses. 


These two enjoy being part of sessions, especially with younger children.

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My Greatest Teacher

Honey came to us in the Fall of 2015.  At the time we were looking for a large pony for our daughter to ride, and I kept coming across the post for Honey. It was not the ideal time to add another horse to our Farm, but I was drawn to her and thought she would be a great addition to our Herd. 


My intuition was correct! 


Honey has taught me the importance of establishing boundaries, opening my heart and learning to listen.  She has been my greatest teacher over this past year, and is amazing at teaching others as well! 


Honey is sure to be vocal for herself and the Herd and is not shy in communicating her needs. 

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Our Princess


Morah is our princess.  She came to us in December of 2015, heartbroken and struggling physically.  In the Spring of 2019 I figured out she needed to see a Chiropractor who diagnosed her with a locked pelvis. It took a year of treatment and the support of an amazing young equestrian trainer working with her to help her physically heal.

The emotional healing has taken more time. Recently, Morah has requested that she gets back into competing as a jumper, as her self-esteem spirals downward when she doesn’t have a connection with a human or feels like she has a purpose.  Together we are all learning.  Learning to release old patterns of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 


Since we all came to this conclusion, Morah has become more active in the Horse Wisdom sessions, and is so proud of herself for offering her teachings!  It is so beautiful to witness!  

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The Spirited One

Cheeko was actually purchased by my daughter in the Spring of 2020.  She felt the call to rescue him from a dire situation that probably would have had him on a meat truck. He is a sweet gelding, who just wants to be loved, involved and have fun! 


He can be seen poking the other Horses in hopes that he can get them to play and run with him. Cheeko does not give his trust over very easily, it has to be earned.  He is a great reminder to not take advantage of what the Horses willingly offer to us every day. 


When I am cleaning in the paddock he can usually be found following me around checking out what I am doing.  He is smart, inquisitive and an absolute pleasure to have in the Herd

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