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Here at the Wellness Farm

We welcome you to experience the unique healing space offered here on this property.  The bunkies offer such a beautiful, grounding space that provides you with the opportunity to tune in and develop an awareness of your body, mind and spirit.  Trust that you are being drawn to this space and our services, to learn to listen intuitively and offer yourself what you need to live your healthiest life.


Yoga Classes

Blue Light Acne Treatment (Coming Soon!)

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Vitamin D - UVB Light

Soul Gatherings


Now Offering


I am a firm believer in using an Integrated approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This approach brings together proper nutrition, exercise and recovery measures that help my body bounce back from the wear and tear of everyday life.

I use SEQEX ICR (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) therapy as one of the recovery measures that helps my body reduce inflammation, improve circulation and relieve post-exercise soreness. It has been an effective tool to help keep my body recharged and reduce pain.

— Gary Roberts - NHL Veteran and Stanley Cup Winner

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